Inclusion, Access, and Success

The purpose of the Inclusion, Access, and Success Committee is to advocate and recommend strategies that promote sensitivity to human differences and expansion of equal access to postsecondary educational opportunities for all students.

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The Inclusion, Access, and Success Chairs as well as its committee members shall:

  • Infuse the Inclusion, Access, and Success mission into all aspects of the association and serve as the communicator, spokesperson and advocate for equality issues
  • Continue to address issues regarding traditionally underrepresented students and professionals
  • Ensure equal opportunity and access to education and professional development on all levels
  • Develop and promote programs that foster and ensure a supportive environment for all students and professionals
  • Maintain effective and ongoing communications with human relations counterparts
  • Develop and promote programs that educate underrepresented students about their postsecondary options

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Chair Members

Laura Horton, Holy Family Catholic High School, 952-443-4659 ext 3164
Katie Asfeld, Augsburg University
Candice Bartelle, North Hennepin Community College

Committee Members

Jenny Buyens
Monique Dargis
Abby Hagel
Susan Hoff
Crosby King
Clarinda Low
Colleen Neary
Scott Osthus
Bethany Perkins
Garth Robertson
Sam Savoie
Kaia Sherburne
Greta Simon
Mike Vanderburg
Jana Vanderah
Greta Van Ochten
Kate Van Pernis

Meeting dates

All meetings begin at 3pm

Thursday, February 22
Thursday, April 19
Thursday, June 7

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