Minnesota Education Fairs

MEFs are college fairs held throughout the state at high schools and other venues. They are a result of the collaborative work of MACAC, public and private post-secondary schools, and high schools. College representatives from post-secondary schools throughout the Midwest and some other states attend.

If you see a line through the college name, city, state and country that means they have cancelled their participation that that particular fair(s).

MEF 2023-24 Schedule

Schools Attending Spring 2024 MEFs

MACAC needed to cancel the Minnetonka fair for the following reason:
So that all voters can attend the caucus, some groups cannot hold meetings after 6 p.m. on caucus night:

  • No  special taxing district governing body, school board, county board of  commissioners, township board, or city council can hold a meeting after  6:00 p.m.
  • No public elementary or secondary school may hold a school sponsored event after 6:00 p.m.
  • No state agency, board, commission, department, or committee can conduct a public meeting after 6:00 p.m.
  • The University of Minnesota may not schedule an event which will take place  after 6:00 p.m unless permission to do so has been received from the  Board of Regents.
  • No  Minnesota state college or university may schedule an event which will  take place after 6:00 p.m. unless permission to do so has been received  from the Board of Trustees of the Minnesota State  Colleges and Universities.

 For more details, see 202A.19.

Who comes to a MEF?
Anyone interested in postsecondary education and military opportunities is welcome to attend a Minnesota Education Fair. Most high schools in Minnesota will be invited to attend a specific program based on the school's proximity to a MEF site. Prior to each MEF, the Site Coordinator will provide site-specific information to area high schools and participating postsecondary institution.

Download "Questions to Ask at MEF"

Register before you go to the fair!

Students attending the fairs go to the registration page at www.StriveFair.com and fill out a quick form on their phone or computer (in advance or at the door). When they sign up, StriveScan sends them a barcode via text message and email. The next day, students receive an email with a report on all of the colleges and representatives they met along with their contact information and social media profiles. There is no cost for students.

Don't forget to pre-register your personal information online!   Sign up for a barcode at strivefair.com.

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