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Day on the Hill

2023 Day on the Hill at the MN State Capitol

Registration for MACAC’s annual ‘Day on the Hill’ event is now open! For the first time since 2019, we will be back in-person at the Minnesota State Capitol. This annual event gives MACAC members an opportunity to meet with their legislators at the Minnesota State Capitol to advocate for students and share the importance of our work.

Meetings with legislators will take place in small groups, each lasting 10-15 minutes. Our morning starts with breakfast where our lobbyists at Ewald Consulting will host training and a guest speaker prior to the meetings, so no legislative knowledge/experience is necessary to participate. The day wraps up around 3pm with a Happy Hour generously hosted by MACAC!

Registration is now closed for 2023, but if you are still interested in attending, please contact us!

Please reach out to the Government Relations Committee Co-Chairs with any questions. We hope you consider joining us for this ever important advocacy!

2022 Virtual Day on the Hill Recap

The MACAC Government Relations Committee coordinated the second virtual Day on the Hill event on March 15 & 16 2022. There were 12 attendees that met with 33 legislators. This event was spread over two days, similar to the 2021 format. Attendees met directly with their legislator(s) along with a Gov Rel committee member or two. During these 15 minute meetings, MACAC members highlighted the importance of school counseling services through personal stories from the past few years, which were very impactful with legislators. We advocated for a few specific pieces of legislation that supported adding school counselors in district buildings that do not currently have one, and also modified the Safe Schools Levy. We thanked legislators for their support of the MN State Grant Program and advocated for decreases in student responsibility in grant calculation, especially given the economic impacts of COVID-19. Overall, legislators were receptive and saw these issues as more critical than ever as we continue to feel the impact of the pandemic on students and families. We are excited to be back in-person at the capitol for the 2023 Day on the Hill event!


February 15, 2023


Breakfast & Training at Capitol Ridge Event Center
161 Saint Anthony Ave
Saint Paul, MN 55103
Then, the group will walk to the MN State Capitol across the street


Government Relations Committee Co-Chairs

Andrew Schindler, Trinity School at River Ridge
Matt Henry, North Dakota State University


after day on the Hill

Are you wanting to connect with your legislators after MACAC’s annual Day on the Hill event or between legislative sessions? Click the link below to learn how to effectively contact your legislators to continue promoting MACAC legislative priorities.

Learn how to keep in touch after a Day on the Hill

Legislative Updates

Below are links to legislative updates from Ewald Consulting (MACAC’s consultant/lobbyist). Important updates during legislative sessions will be posted for MACAC members to review for advocacy purposes.

Governor's Supplemental Budget Recommendations - 2022 Session

Weekly Session Update

Bill Tracker

The following document tracks the status of bills proposed by the Minnesota House or Senate during the current legislative session. These bills may impact MACAC’s current legislative priorities.

Bill Tracker

Note: The above resources were created by Ewald Consulting, the lobbyist/consultant that MACAC contracts with to provide guidance before, during, and after legislative sessions. Ewald provides updates on legislative changes and tracks current education related bills.

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